It was a slippery slope.

May 31, 2016

A mere 17 years ago I wanted to knit a shawl. I was a okay knitter in the talent line up and thought that a lace shawl would be just the thing to keep me amused as I waited for a couple of bones to heal. I phoned around but the necessary wool/silk was not to be found. Not to be deterred ,I contacted the Canadian distributor. "Oh yes" she said, "happy to send it" That little interaction morphed into a business licence,( not a plan, no plan, notice that-no business plan)  a wholesale order, and a huge amount of brilliantly coloured zephyr in my tv room.

Fast forward to 2016, that zephyr changed my life , I am now an accomplished knitter( had to keep up with you people), a good spinner and an admittedly baby weaver. I must do alright in the dye studio cause you kind fibre  artists continue to buy my beautiful dyed fibre.(Thank you for that- lovely of you) But-- the biggest change was our address. We left our south Surrey home of 30 years ( horrific move- where did all that stuff come from-holy smokes man -there was a lot of "stuff") and moved to a 20 acre sheep farm in the stunningly beautiful Tappen Valley just west of Salmon Arm.

I am always amazed how the right thing for you presents itself . It's like the universe tosses it at you. We have choices , catch or fumble and drop. I'm so glad we caught this one. Every day here is like a bright shiny ball of happiness.- and yes we have been here for 6 months, and yes we have had to work with the manure pile, and yes we have gotten the truck stuck in the snow, had a water malfunction and almost burnt down the house. ( that was just the first week)

I will carry on the farm stories on the farm page with pictures- promise, likely not for a few days while I figure it out. The shopping site will be a few more as there is some background stuff that needs sorting.   In the meantime I will attempt to put a photo of the farm that I took this morning as I was leaving for the coast( oh yeah,  I travel 4 hrs to work and back every 4-5 days- thankful for Greyhound buses)

In the meantime, what are you working on, what is the fibre in your hands and what'cha making. I'm finishing a sweater for a little grand girl. When the buttons are on it, I'll show you.  Over and out, knit in peace, Hi mom.

Lynne AndersonComment