Policies & FAQ

Where are your yarns made and what dyes do you use?

All of our bases are currently sourced in Canada. One of them, our Home Grown, is actually grown right here on the farm. Local is important to us. We offer both superwash and non superwash bases . When dying we use a food grade, food safe chemical dye which is fixed onto the wool using food grade citric acid as the mordant. Our dye methods result in clear waste water( nothing is wasted, we are on a farm, that's just what it is called) and the wools are extensively rinsed but despite that there is sometimes a wee bit of fugitive dye that escapes me.

What is fugitive dye? Very occasionally dye will remain on the fibre after it has been rinsed, this is the stuff you’d find coming off on your hands, or colour the water upon washing. So….. please wash your garment separately for the first time. ( there is a great product on the market called Dr Brown dye and colour remover- just follow the instructions) If you find some coming off on your hands, simply wash them. ( in Canada, London Drugs apparently has them and I know that Jane Stafford Textiles carry them as well)

How much yarn/fibre is each dye lot? All our yarns are dyed in 2 pound dye lots so please ensure that you purchase enough to complete your project. On the web site is a list of stores that carry our yarns so you can ask who else might have some of a specific lot.

Where do you source your spinning fibre? All of our unspun fibres are sourced in the States- we have a long standing,wonderful working relationship with Ashland Bay and use their fibres almost exclusively as their quality is consistently excellent.  Spin it in whatever manner you choose and then give it a bath. Please see above FAQ for dealing with fugitive dyes.

Roving vs Combed Top? What’s the difference?  Well, there are 2 general types of spinners in the world, worsted and woolen. We dye the falkland and then run a portion of it through our big carder to produce a woolen prep for woolen spinners. This is not without issues as the carder can cause/create some neps to form, worsted spinners do not love it as much as woolen spinners so please if you are a worsted kind of spinner do not purchase the woolen prep as the neps will drive you batty.  Felters however do seem to like both and really like the colour selection so there is absolutely something for everyone.

What's in it for the felters? All of the unspun fibres felt exceptionally well providing you do not purchase anything that has a S.W. or says Superwash on the tag.  

What's the best method for washing my woolies?- Depends on whether or not it's a superwash. If its a superwash, it can handle a cool bath in a gentle machine cycle, Pull it out and lay flat to dry, if you accidently sling it into the drier it will likely tolerate it once or twice but you do increase your chance of felting it if this happens to often. Remember- superwash wash does not mean superdry or you will get superfelt!.  

For non superwash garments, these don’t need to be washed after every wearing in fact I wash my non superwash items only once or twice a season. Remember, wool does not absorb odors so unless you accidently dumped your spaghetti in you lap you should be okay here.  

When I wash them this is how it goes- remember- first time washes for any just finished item is done by itself, this is for the rest of its life washes.  Fill up the bathtub or sink depending on the number of items getting a bath with body temp water. Not hot, not cold, just what feels the same as your hand when you stick it in) I use a wool wash- soak, Eucalan, whatever you have- better if it is a non rinse (don’t use anything with protein or colour busters in it because, guess what, your garment will be very unhappy) throw the items in, let them sink and then leave them there for at least an hour. Then go back and give them a gentle swish about in the water- gentle is the word. Drain the water away and if needed give them a rinse using the same method (remove from water, drain water, refill, same temp. and then pop back in) and I then put them into the washer (no fainting) and spin them out. Do not wring or scrub wet wool. Do not let them go through the cycle- go directly to spin. Lay them flat to dry-Do not hang wet wool, or dry for that matter, I put them on a sheet under a tree, reblock as needed.

How long have you been in business?

We have been dying fibre for over 15 years, gradually developing colourways that work in harmony together,colourways that have been inspired by years of sailing the west coast of Canada and a long held fascination with all the life that you can find here in our beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Are you able to do custom orders? Or sweater quantities?

Yes I will but there are parameters on custom orders. No two people will see colour the same way so if a specific colour is requested I will need a sample of that colour ( that would be a physical suggestion, colour chip, swatch of cloth, something physical that I can hold in my hand and reference) that way I see what you see. It will not be an exact perfect match, but it will be a swirl of colour including the one you presented me with. If you are needing a solid, firm, no deviation colour please do not ask me, that’s not the way I dye or the way I roll. Sweater quantities? I dye in 908 gram batches (that’s 2 pds in metric) if you need a existing colour in a larger quantity please contact me and I will recalculate the dye formula and happily dye for you!

What is your return policy?

Okay here it is, we will happily accept any fibre or yarn back from you if you decide that does not meet your expectations. However, there are a few “rules”

  1. Please email us that it is being returned and what the problem is within 48 hours of receiving it . We will not accept any returns unless we have been notified of its impending return.

  2. It must be returned, exactly as it left- so in original condition

  3. It must sent back within 30 days.

  4. The buyer will be responsible for all costs associated with returning it.

  5. While West Coast Colour offers free shipping, the buyer will assume responsibility for the original shipping costs to the buyer if they are returning any portion or all of a shipment received while “free shipping” is offered.

  6. We will issue your refund when the fibre arrives back to us and is determined to be in resale condition.

Wholesale Inquiries: We welcome wholesale inquiries. Please email for terms and I will now be able and  happy to answer as quickly as possible. If you have asked in the past and did not receive an answer please accept my apologies. Life was nasty for a bit. If you ask again, I will answer.