Home Grown - Undyed - 2018 Clip

Home Grown - Undyed - 2018 Clip


CVM/ Romeldale

3 ply

307 metres / 335 yards - 113 grams

Worsted Weight

Our flock did darn good this year. Everybody on the farm stayed healthy (besides a few minor colds for us) and as a result, the hand of their wool this year is stellar.

CVM/Romeldale is categorized as a fine fleece with a tight crimp - which means squishy yarn!

We have our fleeces processed and spun at Custom Woolen Mills. It’s not just that we think they make beautiful yarns, we love their efforts to use earth friendly scouring agents and their commitment to preserving the production of woolen yarns in Canada too. Thank you Custom Woolen Mills!

A fun tin bit about our colour line up this year is the difference in feel between the colours. While all of these fleeces are soft and buttery, our darkest wins first place. It’s so interesting to touch them and be able to feel the difference.

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